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Jonghyun might seem aloof but he’s actually very sensitive in his thinking.
When we’re together doing interviews, to hear him say, I paint pictures, is very surprising.

—Yonghwa (cr: emyran215)

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our leader's pretty cute
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Happy Birthday Kim Taeyeon! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 03/09/89

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CNBLUE video message to their ideal type

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Yonghwa’s new hair!
cr. eri3232
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この世界で輝いている 君と僕の話をしている? 変わらずそばにいてくれる 君の心が光らせている

Do you know the story of you and me That is shining in this world? Unchangingly always by my side Your heart is make me shine

CNBLUE - Starlit Night

Lee Jonghyun (the composer): "Starlit Night is a song dedicated to all fans"

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Minhyuk ‘Motorbike Gag’ is back

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